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Who’s pushing you?

Hardcore runners who go long distances are allowed to have friends or coaches drop in for part of the race to pace them. When the going gets tough, when they are facing fatigue, when their legs are like jello and want to give out, when they aren’t thinking clearly, someone drops in to keep them going and point them in the right direction.

I’m not a long distance runner, but there are plenty of time when I’m out on a run and need an extra push to make me go an extra mile. Or someone who will encourage me to run that next hill instead of walk it.

Who’s doing that for you in your life? Who pushes you to stay physically fit? Who challenges you to keep improving professionally? Who asks you tough questions about whether you are living up to your relationship commitments?

Do you give anyone permission to help make you better in any area of your life?

If not, find someone you trust–or at least someone you respect!–and ask them if they will start helping you run that next hill.